Anil Ganti

Anil Ganti

PhD Candidate

Duke University


I’m a PhD candidate at Duke University under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Krolik. I work in the Sensor Array and Multipath Signal Processing Lab.

Previously I worked in the clean energy sector first as a data analyst then as a software engineer. I decided to get my PhD to advance my technical knowledge and learn to translate lab research into high impact commercial technologies.


  • Low-cost sensing
  • Physics-based signal processing
  • Hydrology and contaminant transport
  • Technology commercialization


  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Anticipated 2021

    Duke University

  • MS in Environmental Engineering, Anticipated 2021

    Duke University

  • MS in Electrical Engineering, 2015

    University of Washington

  • BA in Physics, 2011

    Colorado College



Senior Tech Transfer Fellow

Duke Office of License and Ventures

Oct 2018 – Present Durham
Evaluating emerging lab technologies for commercial value

Research Assistant

Sensor Array and Multipath Signal Processing Lab

Sep 2016 – Present Durham
Developing low-cost, distributed acoustic sensing technology

Software Engineer and Consultant


Sep 2014 – Sep 2016 Seattle
Developing hardware and software for a few different clean technology start-up companies.

Software Engineer

1Energy Systems (now Doosan Gridtech)

Jul 2013 – Sep 2014 Seattle
Full-stack engineer writing networking, controls and simulation software for grid-tied battery systems.

Data Analyst

Sacramento Municipal Utilities District

Oct 2012 – Jul 2013 Sacramento
Analyzing and visualizing smart grid data.

Research Analyst

Heschong Mahone Group (now TRC)

Jun 2011 – Oct 2012 Sacramento
Modeling buiding energy usage for California electric utilities.


Here are some of my favorite reads.



The story of John Jacob Astor and the fur trading empire he tried to build on the coast of Oregon.

Bringing Back the Dodo

Essays on environmental ethics.

Cadillac Desert

This is a must read on the history of water in the American West.


Jared Diamond explores the social and environmental causes of societal collapse by examining the archaeological record.

Desert Solitaire

Edward Abbey’s accounts and musings from a season as a fire watch.

Down the Great Unknown

The story of Major John Wesley Powell and his crew descending the Colorado River.

Emerald Mile

A group of river guide’s look to break the speed record of a Colorado River run during the 1984 flood in wooden dories.

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Jared Diamond looks at the environmental factors that led to the Euro-centric world we live in. Somewhat obvious stuff to anyone who has ever played civilization who knows if you don’t have horses in our starting area you’re screwed.

In Search of the Old Ones

David Roberts explores canyons of the Southwest looking for Anasazi artifacts and cultural sites.

Land of Little Rain

Essays about the land and people of the desert west of the high Sierras.

Lentil Underground

A hodgepodge group of Eastern Montana farmers start growing organic lentils in the face of rising fuel prices and pressure from agribusiness to “get big” or “get out”.

Lost Mountain

A close-up look over time as a mountain is strip-mined.

Overstory Zero

Essays from Robert Heilman working in Oregon’s timber industry.

Rising Tide

A look at the great Mississippi flood of 1927 and the effect on race and migration patterns in America.

The Big Burn

The largest wildfire in American history and the birth of the forest service.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

A Wallace Stegner classic about chasing the American Dream out on the frontier.

The Contested Plains

A book that looks at the historical events, the Colorado gold rush and an historic drought, that led up to the Sand Creek Massacre.

The High Divide

Two boys try to track down their father who is out to seek forgiveness for his part in Custer’s 7th Cavalry.

The New Wild

Fred Pearce takes a look at the science and sociology of “invasive species” and asks us to rethink our approach and attitudes towards them.

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Michael Pollen looks at the industrial food complex of America and some possible alternatives.

The Worst Hard Time

A look at the stories, historical and environmental context for the Dust Bowl.

Toms River

Groundwater modeling meets public health statistics and citizen activism to hold Union Carbide accountable for poisoning local residents.

Undaunted Courage

The amazing story and historical context of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Undaunted Courage

The amazing story and historical context of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Water 4.0

A look at the history and trajectory of water resources management.